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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What isPK Data Entry Jobs?
PK Data Entry Jobs is a network of Captcha Data Entry Jobs Provider (Free of Cost).

Can any Non-Member can do these jobs?
No. Only Registered Members can do our jobs.

Is there any fee for Registration?
Yes. Only Rs. 500/-. Life Time Membership

What are the benifits of becoming premium member?
You can get each and every current and future jobs free of jobs through us .

How can on earn extra money?
You can earn extra money by referring your friends toPK Data Entry Jobs.

When will my account gets activated?
Your account will be activated after payment of Registration Fee by you.

How can I pay Registration Fee?
You can pay Registration Fee by selecting any one of the payment methods. OR You can pay your fee to your Upline Leader / Referrer. He will pay the company from his account.

How many levels deep this referral program work?
This is 4x10 true matrix plan and goes 10 level deep.

After how much interval I can withdraw my earning.
You can withdraw your earning at any time if you have achieved the minimum limit.

How will I get paid?
You will be paid by the company by payment method you have selected during registration process. OR you can get payment from any senior by transferring funds into his account from your account.

How can I be paid, if my account's earning is less than the minimum withdrawal limit?
You can transfer the amount from your account to any senior's account in your upline and can take equivalent amount from him/her directly.

Can I refer more than 4 persons? What affects it puts on my earning?
Yes, you can refer as many people as you can. In this way you can accelerate your earning.

Can I create multiple account?
Yes you can create multiple account but with different username.

When does my earning process start after I gets signed up?
Your earning process start suddenly after you refer first member.

After, how long I have to renew my account? what is the renewal fee?
There is no need of renewal. As it is life time membership.

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